Modern Vail Mountain Micro-Wedding: Emma & Chris

As a former Air Force pilot myself, having the opportunity to capture Emma and Chris’s Vail Mountain micro-wedding held a very special place in my heart. The pilot pair were originally introduced by mutual friends years prior but their relationship slowly and steadily grew into a romance that finally reached new heights at the beginning of summer 2018. Trusting the timing of their journey in love this couple has been together ever since, not once looking back. 

Emma and Chris are just meant for each other, you can tell by the way they light up when the other one is around. It’s the kind of love that radiates and affects everyone who has the joy of being in their presence. Life has certainly thrown them its fair share of turbulence. From what Emma can only describe as a “comically horrible” trip to the Caribbean that ended with a magical mountaintop proposal, making it all worth it – to navigating and replanning their elegant and modern wedding during the pandemic.

The two went through hoops and hurdles for their summertime celebration due to Covid that revoked the chance of their original Florida nuptials. Eventually Emma and Chris landed right back in Colorado hosting an intimate wedding for a small gathering of their closest friends and family. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the two promised each other forever at a private luxury AirBnB through Cuvee nestled at the base of Vail Mountain. Witnessing the way each makes the other’s heart soar and the promises they vowed had their loved ones in tears, in the best way.

I’ll remember this day and these two forever. Emma & Chris, thank you for welcoming me to document your love for one another. Congratulations on your marital bliss. I know the future holds a wealth of soaring opportunities for you both and I can’t wait to follow your journey, the skies the limit.

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