Happy Birthday, Sean


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Dear Sean,

I’m sure the first two words in this post made you cringe a bit but trust me, I’ll make my point without embarrassing you too much.  If I have only a few days out of the year where public virtual ogling is reasonably acceptable, then thanks.  I’m going to take it.

When people ask how I would describe Sean I’m at a loss for words.  I mean, how is that even possible?  My mind gets flustered and my tongue tied.  But if I had to stuff and shove all he is into one word it would be, “Life“.

  • When we first started dating, we’d stay up until classes were only a few hours away. I would be concerned about this but he would always say, “Don’t worry, we’ll sleep when we’re dead.”

  • It is rare that a day will ever go by where we are not engaging in some kind of cardio/physical activity. The more activities we can squeeze in a day the better. What does that mean for me? There is absolutely no time for relaxing. Only time for living.

  • When he’s in unfamiliar territory, he listens and learns and makes the most of it.

  • When he walks into a room full of strangers, he leaves a room full of new friends.

  • When in a room full of my boisterous traditional Korean-speaking family and surrounded by the stink of Kimchi, he is fully engaged, tells jokes that no one laughs at, stuffs his face with Korean food, and drinks the Kimchi juice like it’s no one’s business.

  • When I am lost or feeling vulnerable, he is there to pick me up, he holds my hand and brings me back to life.

Sean, you are an amazing human being and the light to my world.  Thank you for being you and for being so full of life.

Happy Birthday, sweet husband.


Your Wife


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