Happy Birthday, Sean


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Dear Sean,

Last night, while you drifted away into a deep sleep within what seemed like milliseconds, I remained tossing and turning and doing everything I could to battle my insomnia.  After hours of this scuffle, I turned to you and held your hand.  I thought about how lucky I’ve been to have watched you grow as a boyfriend, fiance, husband, a soon-to-be-father, as you.  And that is the last thing I remember before joining you in your dreams.

It’s your birthday today and although we’ve celebrated this special day together for the last 6 years, somehow this one feels a little bit different.  For years, you’ve supported me and provided for me unbridled love–the foundation that inspires my creativity and passion for wedding photography.  You believed in me.  You fueled my fire.  You propelled me forward.  But now, it’s my turn.

This year is your year and I can’t tell you how excited I am to watch you take flight.  As you pursue your dreams and your newfound career, your baby girl and I promise to be your greatest cheerleaders and to stand by your side through all the changes, challenges, and accomplishments coming our way.  I promise to give you all the support and love you have ever given me and that much more because you are more than deserving.  Because you have been and will forever be more than enough. 

Happy birthday to the man of my dreams and to the only one that calms my restless soul.


Your Wife


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