2018: The Year Ahead


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Phew.  2017 threw me a curve ball and a fast one at that.  Early in the year, Sean and I were still recovering from our miscarriage.  By mid-2017, the ecstacy of our successful pregnancy news was quickly and negatively overwhelmed by my morning sickness.  I lost control of my life–my creative passions, my love for photography, my business, and me.  But within a matter of time and as my nausea subsided, I quickly reclaimed them.  While I’ve spent the majority of my 2017 trying to figure out the balance between work and welcoming this new life with baby, I’ve learned so much about myself as a business woman, as a wife, and as a soon-to-be-mother.  

I welcome this new year with open arms and am so ready to face the challenges and gains of the major changes that are coming our way…more on this soon.  I promise. 

Last year, I resolved to book 25 weddings for 2017.  I’m excited to share with you that I exceeded my goals and booked 34 weddings!  As much as I enjoyed every single wedding and client, for the new year, I plan to take a few steps back on my wedding photography to focus more on my family.  My 2018 resolutions are a tad bit different from my last years.  This year, I resolve to: 

  • Book no more than 10 weddings

  • Focus on Sean and our baby girl

  • Focus on me

  • Learn to balance motherhood + entrepreneurship

  • Rise by lifting others

  • Learn, pivot, and thrive in my passions

  • Survive


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  1. Nina says:

    Wonderful goals to have… So excited to see this year unfold for you all!

  2. Wonderful goal .New Year is a resolution day for me because only for few days I can keep that after that I am unable to do. New Year is a great celebration Day in all over the world. My new-year celebration starts with whishes and cake cutting. The preparation begins with shopping gifts, clothes and most important cleaning house. Overall it’s a happy day.

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