Happy Fourth Anniversary, Love

Photo Credit: Brumley & Wells

Photo Credit: Brumley & Wells

I’ve been secretly excited for today’s post.  Why you ask?  Because aside from the hint in this title, today is one of those days where public virtual ogling is reasonably tolerable.  At least, that is what I like to tell myself…

Just four years ago, Sean and I exchanged our vow at the age of 26.  We were young when we got married and knew we hadn’t even grown into ourselves.  But our military careers had just begun and we agreed that the risk of being separated just wasn’t worth what we had found.

In the cobbling together of becoming ourselves, we have been more attentive to our differences. 

  • He is calm, patient, and always so composed.
  • His transparency, the absence of layers, the bright focused light–this is his loyalty.
  • He is trusting, giving, and always forgiving.
  • He is outgoing, loquacious, and always accepting. 

But no matter our differences, we always loop back to that dimension that only we inhabit.  Our journey together wasn’t always easy, but never in a million years would I trade this journey for anything else. 

Happy Anniversary, my love.  And cheers to wherever life decides to take us next.

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  1. Olivia Golding says:

    😍 Happy anniversary you two!! So much love & warmth ❤️

  2. Francis Schmitt says:

    My God, you are both so blessed to have one another. We miss you and cherish our memories of you. Grandpa and Linda

  3. Jennifer Venter says:

    Have a beautiful happy Anniversary !!

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