An Elegant and Timeless Wedding at The Little Nell

Aspen Mountain Wedding

PLANNING l Emily with Milk Glass Productions
DESTINATION WEDDING VENUE l The Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado
HMUA l Gambuti Robson Hair x Make-up
FLORALS l Sashae Florals
ORCHESTRA l Aspen Music Festival & School
MUSIC l Who Is Chris Lewis

Led by Emily of Milk Glass Productions, Julia and Jason celebrated their Aspen mountain wedding on the beautiful Wedding Deck of The Little Nell. The venue was set amidst the stunning backdrop of Colorado’s rocky mountain, situated 11,000 ft above sea level. Emanating an air of timeless elegance, their destination wedding location was chosen because of cherished memories, rooted in familial ties, as they frequented the area throughout their life. Bonded by their love of outdoor pursuits, their selection of Aspen as the backdrop for their union attested not only to their refined taste but also to the profound connection between their shared adventures and the harmonious beginnings of their marital journey.

The ceremony details curated by Emily of Milk Glass Productions and her team reflected the elegance and timelessness of the couple.

As I observed the wild elk roaming the foothills of the Aspen mountains, I couldn’t help but draw a parallel between the untamed beauty of nature and the union of two souls embarking on a lifelong journey together. It was as if the presence of these magnificent creatures was a reminder that love, like wildlife, cannot be confined or tamed, but rather flourishes in the freedom of the great outdoors.

Julia and Jason had infused their surroundings at The Little Nell with an air of elegance and timelessness. From their clean white invitation suite adorned with a delicate illustration of a little red gondola, to the stunning floral arrangements in shades of white, muted orange, and specks of green, every detail was carefully curated to reflect their refined taste.

Perfectly curated details for their Aspen mountain wedding.

When I saw Julia in her timeless Jin Wang silk slip dress, she exuded an understated grace that only few could pull off. The floor-length veil that cascaded down her back accentuated the natural beauty that radiated from within her. It was a reminder that true elegance lies not in extravagant embellishments, but in the confidence and authenticity that comes from within.

Emotive imagery for every moment

Julia’s mother helped her into her delicate gown and it was an incredibly emotional moment for everyone in the room. As I stood there, camera in hand, I couldn’t help but feel my eyes well up with tears. It was a genuine, rare moment between a mother and daughter, and I felt privileged to witness their love and connection unfold right before my lens.

Not a dry eye in this room when we had the opportunity to witness this sweet moment between mom and daughter and she helped her get into her Jin Wang wedding dress.

To reach the Aspen wedding venue, the couple and their guests from The Little Nell hopped on the Silver Queen Gondola, a fun and scenic ride that allowed everyone to soak in the beauty of the Aspen mountains. As they glided above the treetops, the air was filled with excitement and anticipation for the momentous occasion.

Silver Queen Gondola

As the bride and groom exchanged vows in the midst of nature’s splendor, their love seemed to intertwine with the majestic Aspen mountain backdrop surrounding them. The towering peaks and lush greenery provided a picturesque canvas for the couple’s heartfelt moments, making the ceremony truly unforgettable.

Ceremony: The Wedding Deck at The Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado

Guests head to cocktail hour at The AspenX Mountain Club

Reception: AspenX Wedding Club

As the sun began to set behind the mountains, I reflected on how quickly the day had gone by grateful for everything that led me to this very moment as Julia and Jason’s Aspen wedding photographer.

Julia and Jason’s Aspen wedding at The Little Nell’s wedding deck was a testament to the power of love and nature’s ability to inspire and elevate our spirits. It was a day filled with elegance, luxury, and scenic beauty that will forever be etched in my heart and soul.

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