Modern + Minimalist Family Session at Studio One Denver

Remember when family portraits for some reason meant wearing the exact same t-shirt and khaki pants combo no matter your age, gender or actual style preference? And sometimes people would throw an argyle sweater on top if they were feeling flashy. Gosh am I glad that trend is buried and gone. As a Colorado family photographer I’m an advocate for a modern family session representing your true authentic selves in your pictures. That means showing up in attire that you’re individually comfortable in allowing for natural movement and relaxed expressions. That’s how you get all the feels when looking back. You recognize your true self living in the moment. You recognize exactly who you are and what you were feeling at that stage of your life as a family.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of adorable baby George the entire time we captured Lucy and Clark’s  minimalist family portrait session at Studio One Denver. Lucy reached out and connected with me after she stumbled upon my corner of the internet and checked out my photography blog. She mentioned that she came across a previous modern portrait session of another family that I captured and loved the overall style and aesthetic. Wow did that make my heart happy. Her and Clark are new to the Denver, Colorado area which is a feeling all too familiar to me. We bonded over shared moving experiences being that my family moved to Colorado from California three years ago.

Lucy gave birth to their first born son while living here during the pandemic which is a miracle in itself. Being a first time mother is a surreal experience and doing so in a global pandemic further solidifies the true strength and resilience mothers have. It was important for Lucy to capture all the simple, natural and in-between moments that become your most cherished memories in the beginning of your child’s life. I feel as though their minimalist Denver family session did just that and is a reflection of their current life with little George–the simplicity of having each other and the strength in their love was all they needed and all they will ever need. 

Lucy, Clark and baby George, thank you for connecting with me and sharing this special time. I can’t wait to stay in touch and watch little George grow over the years to come. To my fellow mothers who are wanting a family portrait but are feeling overwhelmed with the process. Not to fear, reach out to me with any questions you may have (I feel like I’ve seen it all!) I’m here to help you feel confident, help normalize casually showing up as your true selves, and to capture these special family moments before they become memories. 

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