Krystal & Jonathan Lake Dillon Engagement Session

There’s a pure joy that radiates from Colorado elopement photography unlike any other.

Winters in Colorado are something else. One of my photography dreams was to capture couples in love amidst a snowy winter wonderland. Who would have guessed that not only did that wish come true as a California woman now living in Colorado, but years later my own brother and sister-in-law would be one of elopement photography muses. Life really has a way of surprising you. This time in the most delightful way during a quintessential snow-filled weekend capturing their fine art engagement session at Lake Dillon, CO.

Krystal and Jon, like so many hopeful couples, had originally planned their wedding in 2020 which ultimately was postponed. They decided to elope privately in California where they live and unfortunately our family wasn’t able to be there in person due to travel restrictions at the time. When travel did slowly re-open this past winter Krystal and Jon traded their sandals for snow boots and planned a weekend to visit our family out here in the mountains. Even though they were already officially married, I still wanted them to experience the fun, loving and memorable traditions of their engagement and marriage. This was my way of celebrating them, with an intimate and elegant Lake Dillon engagement session.

These two kindred spirits are adventurers at heart. True to their thrill seeker souls, they currently live in a mobile home and are certified paragliders! They each have such a great appreciation for the earth’s natural wonders. Cue the magnificent natural wonders of a rocky mountain engagement setting. A match made in heaven. We shot their Colorado elopement photography on frozen Lake Dillon with the mountain backdrop fitting for their personalities. Despite the freezing temperature my heart was overflowing with warmth and love  from behind the lens. 

Krystal and Jon, there aren’t enough words for me to express how much I adore you both. My love for you transcends any constraint of time or space. My only wish is that you show how much you love the other every day you can. Congratulations again on your marriage. Next time we’ll be trading our snow boots for sandals and visiting you on the beaches of California.

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  1. JKIM says:

    Thanks for giving us a piece of what we couldn’t have due to the COVID-19 craziness. It really meant a lot to us. We now have something to look back on and cherish. Looking forward to having that ceremony one day alongside you and the rest of the family!


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