Valentine’s Day Special: An Interview With a Photographer’s Husband


Photographer Husband


Let’s be real. I wouldn’t be here typing these words right now if it weren’t for Sean. I had always dreamed of being an artist but never dared to go anywhere beyond the idea of it. That is, until everything seemed to be pointing me in that direction . And I mean everything. I’m here now pursuing my own wedding photography business because behind those dreams, the drive, the hustle, I had and continue to have such a very supportive team. And my main supporter? Sean. For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to do something different so I decided to interview my husband to share with you his perspective on watching me chase after my dreams. I asked him to be as honest as possible, so here we go:

What were your initial thoughts when I told you I wanted to pursue photography back in 2015?
”I was pushing for it too. I was all for it. When I saw how good you were and you started booking photoshoots I saw so much potential. I also loved that it gave you the flexibility to stay home for our kids….Wait, was that not romantic enough?” [He meant his answer].

I laughed out loud.

So me transitioning from full-time risk-averse career to a part-time unstable and unreliable career didn’t care or bother you?
I mean it was difficult because you do things pretty abruptly. I’m different in that I like to take my time with things. So yeah, that part was a bit alarming for me at times.”

What do you mean I was abrupt?
[nervous chuckle]. “You just make decisions really quickly and do what you want to. Whereas I take longer to think everything out. Isn’t that right? Don’t you think? Babe?”

Haha. Yeah, it is. It’s true.

“You’re the riskier one.”

Do you think that’s helped me though to get to where I am today?
Yeah, for sure. If you wouldn’t have been so aggressive it would’ve taken you a lot longer.”

So I did good then?

“Yeah, you’re doing great baby.”


What do you love most about what I do?
That you love it. That you’re passionate about it.”

What do you hate most about what I do?
That most of your wedding photoshoots are on weekends. I hate it when you travel, too.”

Photographers Husband

What’s the toughest thing about being married to a wedding photographer?
That I get my picture taken…Is that rude?”

No. It’s honest.

How do you help with my business?
I try to give you business and marketing advice and where you should be spending your time. I also get my picture taken for you and take your pictures too. I also encourage and support you.”

Am I always receptive to your suggestions and advice?

In the beginning, you weren’t too excited about me being so personal with my friends and followers on social media. How do you feel about it now?
I totally understand it now. In the beginning, I didn’t like the details of our lives being shared so much. Now I realize it’s important for your potential clients to see who you are as a photographer and human.”

You’re kind of an Instagram husband. What advice would you give your fellow instagram husbands.
Go to places where you don’t know anybody.”

I think in general, it’s difficult for significant others to support their partner who is pursuing a creative or entrepreneurial career. It wasn’t always unicorns and rainbows for us. What advice would you give to someone that is struggling to support or be supported by their partner?
You’ve got to just believe in their vision. I think the more supportive you are the better they will do. If you’re starting a business the family has to commit fully to it and be supportive. Otherwise, there will be too many disagreements and arguments that will cause drifts in the relationship. If I didn’t fully agree with what you were doing we’d be fighting all the time. So it’s on both—the business owner and their spouse.”

What would you hope baby June will learn or take-away from watching me pursue this photography business?
That she should try to find something that she’s passionate about in life.”


instagram husband

instagram husband


There you have it. I thought this would be a fun post but more than anything, I really just wanted to put Sean on the spot once again because I wouldn’t have been able to do this all on my own. He is the greatest partner, the man that helped me fulfill my dreams and supported me through the success and the failures. The one that pushed me even when I didn’t want to be pushed. The one that believed in me and my art more than I did myself. The man that dreams my dreams with me every day. My forever love, my valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sean. Thank you for being mine.


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  1. Nina Earnest says:

    You guys are so inspiring… Love you both!

    • Hannah Quintana says:

      Awww Nina I don’t know why I’m just seeing this but thank you for loving us, supporting us, and always caring <3

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