Seducing Creativity


how to find creativity

All of us have been blessed with small or grand delights of creativity.  Whether you’re a writer, engineer, artist, educator, entrepreneur, or a stay-at-home mom–a creative genius resides within you.  The problem is, this creative genius is a fickle guy–it won’t always show up at your door.  When you need it most it seems to be away flirting with someone else.  And the more you try to force it back, the more it distances itself from you.  At first, its inconsistency troubled me–feelings of betrayal would consume and deplete any efforts made in my work.  I would pout and sulk until creativity was ready to return.  And while, creativity’s capricious behavior will forever be a constant struggle, I’ve recently discovered ways to minimize it’s absence.  I want to share with you my six tips on how to seduce creativity.  Cross my heart–these really work!

1. Put on red lipstick: The power of the scarlet pout is as much about meaning business in your work space as it is in the bedroom.  Researchers have shown that the color red is associated with confidence, sensuality and power, and that wearing red lipstick can induce those feelings in us.  So up the ante, put on those red lips, look creativity dead in the eyes and lure the sucker in.

2. Light a candle: Candles create a sense of warmth, drama, and intimacy.  Research has shown that scents can often recall memories and spark creativity in a whole new way.  So light the flame, baby, and grasp the gaze of creativity.

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3. Open the window: The outdoors is a precious resource for cultivating creativity.  Liven up the room by opening a window.  Allow the breeze to enter in.  Hear the birds, or in my case…the happy beach-goers, and let those sight, sounds, and feelings nurture and lure in your creativity. 

4. Dress up: My daily uniform ain’t pretty.  I wear coffee-stained sweats that I haven’t laundered for days (okay, let’s be honest…more like weeks),  unkempt hair, and my old distressed Air Force sweater.  Somedays, I neglect myself and it’s no wonder creativity chooses to do the same.  Studies at Columbia University have shown that “people who dressed up at the office thought more creatively than their more casually-dressed cohorts.”   So, dress up the way you feel like the best version of yourself, feel confident, competent, and while you’re at it, catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror looking sexy as hell.

5. Buy a bouquet of flowers: Similar to the effects of a candle, the aesthetic and scent of flowers in your work space increase attractiveness and can help lure in creativity. 

6. Queue the music: It’s no surprise, putting on music to set the mood is actually a thing.  Creativity likes music.  Creativity loves music.  It’s been proven that music influences the mind in ways that we don’t even know.  Whether it’s classical music, the soundtrack of Magic Mike, or a Taylor Swift variety, put em’ in a trance, use that bait and reel em’ on in. 


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  1. Jennifer says:

    This post has so helped me as I often feel like creativity has taken a holiday and has not mentioned his return date. My number one tip fo me is Yoga. I always feel so creative and rejuvenated after taking or giving a class.

    • Hannah Quintana says:

      Jennifer, I TOTALLY feel you. I feel like it’s been a struggle since the holidays PLUS the entire pregnancy! Your tip on doing yoga is a good one. I’m going to have to do more of that now that I can! Thank you so much for sharing

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